211, 2015

Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server (LAMP)

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Outline Introduction How to Install phpMyAdmin Conclusion 1. Introduction phpMyAdmin is a free, open source web-based database management tool that allows the database administrators to manage database server. In my [...]

2610, 2015

How to install Apache Web Server on Linux OS (Ubuntu)

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Outline Introduction Create a Virtual Machne Install Ubuntu Server using Bundled with a Package Install Ubuntu Sertver using Package Management System Conclusion 1. Introduction Apache Web Server is a [...]

2404, 2014

Some historical cryptography methods

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In 1967 David Kahn wrote a book with a title The Codebreakers – The Story of Secret Writing. The book explained the history of cryptography in a very comprehensive and [...]

2212, 2013

Free Software

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A software is said to be free when the user has the privilege and freedom to run the program for any purpose, to study and to change the program as [...]

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